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Latest Release: Secrets of the Sorcerers by Joan Marie Verba
Secrets of the Sorcerers cover

A vengeful plan. An impossible impasse. When confronted by the magnitude of past deeds, will she be caught in a spellbound standstill?

High Sorcerer Marlys has earned the respect of her colleagues. Twelve years after freezing her ruthless predecessor in time to protect her region, the powerful leader has worked hard to bring about peace and tranquility. But while presiding over a beautiful double wedding, a rival enchantress traps Marlys's friends with an identical spell in malicious payback.

Denying the intruder's demand to free Marlys's predecessor after more than a decade bespelled, Marlys and her companion sorcerers frantically search for a way to crack their adversary's magic. And with each side refusing to compromise and driven by distrust, they face a mountainous taskā€”to find the legendary Library of Sorcery, which they hope contains the knowledge to restore their friends.

With their opponent also on the passage to the Library, can Marlys and her companions reach their destination first to end the magical deadlock?

Secrets of the Sorcerers is the refreshing first book in a quest fantasy series. If you like strong characters, gentle humor, and action-filled adventure, then you'll love Joan Marie Verba's enthralling story.

Join the sorcerers on their quest. Buy Secrets of the Sorcerers to break the spell today!

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