Boldly Writing

BW-2014-kindle-frontBOLDLY WRITING: A Trekker Fan and Zine History, 1967-1987, Second Edition,
by Joan Marie Verba

Before the Internet, before PCs and MACs became common household items, at the dawn of the era of VCRs, Star Trek fans were making history. In Boldly Writing, Joan Marie Verba chronicles the development of Star Trek fanfiction, Star Trek conventions (the first Star Trek convention may not be the one you’re thinking of), Star Trek clubs, and Star Trek revival efforts. Boldly Writing tells how the term “Mary Sue” came into being, and follows the fan and fanfiction discussions and controversies of the era...

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Voyager: Exploring the Outer Planets

Voyager cover

Voyager cover

Voyager: Exploring the Outer Planets by Joan Marie Verba. Details the discoveries of the Voyager space probes at Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

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Autumn World

Autumn World Cover

Autumn World cover

AUTUMN WORLD by Joan Marie Verba, Tess Meara, Deborah K. Jones, Margaret Howes, and Ruth Berman. When an exploratory ship from Earth crashlands on a planet, a survivor finds herself the object of interest among competing political factions.

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Weight Loss Success!

WLS2-front-cover-2016Weight Loss Success! (Second Edition) by Joan Marie Verba

The Importance of Having Fun Losing Weight
My Story
Why the Diet Didn’t Work Before
Losing Weight Is Hard
Lifestyle Changes
What Do I Eat?
What About Exercise?
Games the Food-Addicted Play

Disclaimer: The contents of this book or web page may not be construed as a medical diagnosis, treatment, advice, claim, or substitute for a physician’s care. Consult a physician or other health care provider before starting a weight loss or exercise program. Joan’s results are not typical, and she cannot guarantee you will have the same results. Your results are up to you!

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