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Modern Surprises

modern-surprises-desktop-blurbModern Surprises was no ordinary company: the science division had secretly developed a portal that would take them anywhere. The plan was to use the portal to help those in need. However, a billionaire industrialist found out about the portal, and would lie, cheat, and steal to get it. But the Modern Surprises team was not about to let him have it.


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Game of Royals (The Fathergod Experiment)

by L. A. Taylor. Kinland is full of secrets. High Court politics holds the key to a secret at the heart of a world. Jen Makeready is dead…. Now Lilz is caught up in the web of intrigue that may unravel a few secrets about her own past…and those of Kinland itself!

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Autumn World

Autumn World Cover

Autumn World cover

AUTUMN WORLD by Joan Marie Verba, Tess Meara, Deborah K. Jones, Margaret Howes, and Ruth Berman. When an exploratory ship from Earth crashlands on a planet, a survivor finds herself the object of interest among competing political factions.

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